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Antonina Treccarichi - born in Offenbach in 1981 - openmindet and free thinking, person who makes the best of life, Globetrotter with extreme Wonderlast. In my “Bread and Butter” profession I inspire adolescents in life to find new solutions for “problems” with the help of artistic strategies. At the moment my personal artistic focus is on ceramics and jewelry, but I have spent my whole life with artistic work.

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About me

With whom I would like to sit at a table at dinner: Erich Fromm, Hannah Arendt and Karl Jung. What I would like to do when i grow up: a bed and breakfast at the sea. A place on Earth to which I would like to travel to: Samoa.

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About my art

„Eclectic Art Strategies„ both my ceramic work and my jewelry rely on the Japanese ideal of beauty of the Wabi Sabis (侘寂): An aesthetic concept based on the beauty in the non-perfect, the acceptance and contemplation of imperfection.


The design is primarily eruptive-spontaneous. The spectrum of expression ranges from design to lyrically - abstract formal language. Organic and inorganic-looking structures appear that are not always symmetrical.


I can be reached on Instagram (@treccarichisart) or by email (treccarichi@gmail.com).